The people of the subcontinent are blessed with immense “creativity” and it shows! Nowhere is this creativity more evident than in the use of Photoshop, sometimes resulting in fails of such epic proportions that you don’t know whether to laugh out loud or to hide your face in shame.

If you don’t believe us, here are 20 photos that will blow your mind – if they don’t make you cringe.

1. An intimate moment with Katrina

We wonder if he is also singing samandar main naha k aur bhi namkeen hogayi ho to her?

2. Celebrating Bebo’s birthday

To be fair, even we had to do a double-take here.

3. The new lead in Veer Zaara

Because anything Shah Rukh can do, he can do better!

4. A selfie with Salman

The look on Sallu Bhai’s face says it all.

5. Another selfie, this time with Katrina

Is the Photoshop job really obvious?

6. This man’s hot date

Saif would definitely be jealous!

6. This man who would do anything for his girlfriend

Ladies, don’t you wish you had a man like that in your life?

7. This still from Avatar

Please take the hint, James Cameron.

8. This picture from a hunting trip

So much fail in one picture.

9. This tourist picture

Is the Eiffel Tower short or is he tall? You be the judge of that.

10. Just taking my girl out for a bike ride

Long drive jayenge full speed jayenge. Kahi rukenge na hum

11. The guy who thinks he is Salman Khan

It might have worked if he had remembered to Photoshop the reflection in the mirror!

12. The real Spiderman

And we were thinking it was Tobey Maguire all this time.

13. Another of Katrina’s beaus

Here we thought Katrina is due to tie the knot soon.

14. This “perfect” rishta pic

We’re sure Ms Right will be impressed.

15. These guests at Prince William’s wedding

We are jealous! We really are!

16. This trip to the beach

Because the laws of physics simply do not apply!

17. This picture of the Kardashian clan

Gives Keeping up with the Kardashians a different meaning altogether.

18. Taking Cameron Diaz for a ride

Haven’t we all secretly wanted to be Tom Cruise?

19. This still from Ek Tha Tiger

Katrina does seem to be enjoying herself here.

20. The Akshay Kumar body double you never knew about

We’re curious now. Why does everyone want a Photoshop fail with Katrina?