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Chinese Ancient Writings Discovered

Chinese Ancient Writings Discovered Archaeologists have discovered fragments of two stone axes near Shanghai with ancient scriptures written on it. The axes found are said to be around 5000 years old. Scientists are divided on the belief that whether this is scripture or just symbols drawn on the axes. If this is proved to be

Stealing Petrol New Idea Ha Ha Ha

I thought this happened only in Pakistan. But it is sure that some thugs in other countries do the same crime. It’s a shame. But the worst thing in this video is that the thief comes in a car to steal petrol. Really shocking . But maybe he stole that car too. you can’t say anything

Shocking Video About The Dead Body of a Girl

This is very Shocking video about the dead body of a girl is till remain in a fresh condition even after so many years. According to Doctors this dead body will remain like this for another 500 years. This is really a shocking video for everyone. There is no Insurance for this Girl at all. Watch This

Indian Army LOL

Indian Army’s bomb failed like them HAHAHA extremely funny. They ran like chickens. I can’t stop laughing this is the by far the funniest reaction i have seen on a video. They got really scared. See it yourself and don’t forget to share it with your friends so they could know the real face of

The World Without Mobile

What if there was no mobile? no internet? no social media websites? What kind of life would you be leading by now? No idea? Watch this video and you will know how our would have been if there was nothing of all the things mentioned above. Really funny must watch and share it with your friends too.

Supreme Court Issued Notice to Imran Khan

This is clearly showing that Cheif Justice is working on the agenda on Nawaz Sharif and N League. Chief Justice of Pakistan is a cousin of Rana Sanaullah and he is very close to Nawaz Sharif and he is working against Pakistan and Nawaz Sharif and N League is controlling this man. Watch VIdeo

Sheikh Rasheed Blasting Interview Must Watch

Sheikh Rasheed is having a blasting interview and saying that Imran Khan its time to come to roads and destroy everything. This is a last chance and dont wait ask your followers to come to roads. Sheikh Rasheed is blasting and asking Imran Khan to remove this gov and System. Watch This Video and Share

World’s Worst Police

World’s worst police. What comes to your mind when you read this title? Pakistani Police? Indian Police? If these two names come to your mind then you are absolutely wrong. According to this video i think American Police is the world’s worst police they literally made fun of themselves. Really funny. Robbers went in front

Cheif Justice Used to Call Rana Sanaullah And Nawaz Sharif From Jail House

SHeikh Rasheed Just Blasted Nawaz Sharif and adn Cheif Justice Ifitikhar Muhammad Chaudhry By Saying that this is the reason that why Cheif Justice went against Imran Khan. He is a right hand of Nawaz Sharif and working for Nawaz Sharif and going against Imran Khan. CHeif Justice is one of the cheap justice of Pakistan.

Fakhro Bhai is a Liar and He Was Dying For This Post Dr Shahid Masood

Dr Shahid Masood told that Fakhro Bhai is a liar and he was dying for this post before elections and he played his role for the massive rigging in Pakistan. We can see that this man has no credibility left and he is just one of the worst Election Commissioner we have ever seen. Our System