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Pakistan is Near To be Finished Hamid Mir

Once Again this video is about Mir Jafar of Pakistan named Hamid Mir is telling us that Pakistan is gonna be finished very soon. I think it is the time for Army and ISI to hang this man. THis man is a real Gaddar of Pakistan. Watch THis Video and share it with others

Reverse Moon Walk

I couldn’t figure out what  title should i give to this video. Simple because i have never seen anything like that. See it yourself and get astonished.

Hen is Playing Snooker – Ha Ha Ha

This is very funny video about hen that she is playing snooker. There is something behind this trick . Can you guess it what is the real trick behind making this video. Watch This Video and Share it With Others

Awesome Smoke Rings

A man making smoke rings within a smoke ring. How many of you can do , not many I bet. If you are chain smoker then this video is a challenege for you that if you can do this like this. Still a video worth watching and sharing

Why Geo is Against Zaid Hamid Watch The Secret

This video is a proof that GEO is a traitor channel and working against Pakistan. When GEO was brain washing this man Zaid Hamid was giving a new hope to Pakistani Youth and then he just blasted GeoNews and expose the real face of GEO NEWS. GEO is still working against Pakistan. Watch THis VIdeo and share

Please Behave Dr Shahid Masood Said Qmar Zaman Qaira

In Kashif Abbasi program Off the record Dr Shahid Masood just blasted PPPP and gov as well for destroying the life of Pakistani people. He said pppp was the enemy of Pakistan and it is still the enemy and after listening these type of words Qamar Zaman Qaira showed the real anger to Dr Shahid Masood and

Never Play Game With Your Wife or Girlfriend

This is an amazing video about the frustration of a Girlfriend for his boyfriend after losing too many games. If you are a gamer then you dont need to ask your girlfriend or wife to sit with you and play games with you. This is all about making angry to other person. Watch This Video

The Most Intense Laser In The Market

The most intense laser ever sold in public. this laser can literally kill a man. This is very dangerous and kill a man within no time. In this video you can see that what intensity of laser. It can burn anything . Now we come to know that what Einstien has told us about the

This Proposal Will Make You Both Laugh And Cry

If  there has even been the most unique way of proposing a girl then this my friends it is. A guy proposing a girl using Memes we regularly use on internet without even thinking about it. I would say hats off to this guy. intelligent and inspirational. These type of videos are really funny and

Geo Tv is a Partner of Dajjal System

Geo tv is a part of dajjal system and Geo is a party of Illuminati and Freemasons. This video is enough to prove that Geo is a Traitor channel and working against Pakistan. Pakistan is suffering due to this traitorMedia and it is the right time to expose these people. Watch This Shocking VIdeo and Share it With