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Awesome Art Talent

The value of art is rightfully justified in this video. This talented girl will show you how to make almost every object of  furniture with just card boards, believe me you will be shocked. Awesome and inspiring video. This video will show you the real talent and gives you a pleasure to compare this talent

Laptop Scheme: More than 12 companies are ready to invest in Pakistan

Laptop Scheme: More than 12 companies are ready to invest in Pakistan A delegation of investors will visit Pakistan next month, Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif will monitor the investment himself and he will compile an action plan regarding other facilities. Chaudhary Shafiq vowed to provide reasonable working conditions to the investors who are willing

Imran Khan VS Wahab Riaz

This video is showing you the greatness of Imran Khan. That Match Was Played Between Australia and pakistan  in 90s. In this match Australia was looking for 4 runs on 6 balls to win this match but Imran Khan just destoryed the batting line of Australia and on the other hand the new bowler Wahan

You Will Feel Proud After Watching This Video

This video is a gift for Pakistanis because we dont to be scared as we have enough technology with the blessing of Allah . We can fight with any country because Allah has given us better technology as compare to India and many other countries. Pakistani Army and ISI is number one Army and agency in the world.

This is Worst Shirk By Pakistani Nation

People of pakistan are doing the shirk on the shrine of ZUlfiqar Ali Bhutto. Allah says I am your creator and dont do the shirk but people of Sindh specially are doing Shirk day and Night. What kind of this Man Was. Bhutto was a leader of a political party but this is shame for everyone that

Boy Pushing His Girlfriend Over The Cliff

An adventurous boy took his girlfriend to bungee jumping with him which is considered as on of the most dangerous sports . He then pushes her off the cliff with her dumping him on the spot. Funny as hell. Funny video of boy getting dumped by his girlfriend while he pushes her over the cliff. This video

This Guy Broke the Record of Shahrukh Khan’s Acting

After watching this Video you will surely laugh and laugh. This Man Just Broke all the records of acting and specially broke the record of Shahrukh Khan’s acting . This guy is an amazing actor. If India will give him few films then Indian film industory would be finished within few months. This is not

The Blessing of Allah Made Everyone Happy

This is an awesome video about the mentally disabled people who were enjoying in the rain. Rain is a blessing of Allah and it made everyone joy. When you give something to others does not matter either it is joy, love or everything. Watch This Video and Share it with others

Everyone Has a Friend Like This

Everyone has a friend like this. This video is dedicated to Friendship and this video is an ad of India regarding cheap phone calls. In friendship it is very common to having such friends who are not willing to pay any money. Watch This Video and Share it with others

How To Eat a Corn in 10 Seconds

This is an Amazing Video about How To Eat a Corn in 10 Seconds. This video is one of the funniest video you have ever seen. Using Drill maching for eating corn is an awesome. There are so many people in this world who are much funny but after watching this video you may understand that