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The Most Worst Scandal in the History of Pakistan

We salute Saree Aam Team and Iqrar ul Hassan For his effort to expose one of the biggest scandal in the history of pakistan. The cooking oil which we are using and using in the market for selling samosas pakory and many others is making with the help of garbage. This is an alarming situation for

Why Pakistani Traitor Media Did Not Show This Video

Pakistani Traitor media did not shown this video because our Cricket Players were praying Namaz on Ground. Pakistani Media always gives the newa about the Birthday of Indian actors in a bulletan but did not show this. Pakistani Media is workign against the ISI , Pakistan, Pakistani Culture and Army. Chief Justice must take action on this otherwise

A Place of Martyred Quran Majeed

This is one of the beautiful video you have ever seen that how the broken pages of Quran Majeed keeps in this safe place. This is one of the blessing of Allah that how people are saving broken pages of Quran Majeed. Everyone is happy to see that people are workign hard to save these

People of Punjab Crying After Giving The Votes to Nawaz Sharif

A Sindhi citizen told Express news that the people of Punjab are crying now after giving the vote to Nawaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif is doing nothing for the people of Punjab. What kind of justice it is. Before elections he was telling that I would finish the loadshedding after 6 months but now after 30 days

Geo’s Hypocrisy Exposed by Live Caller on Amir Liaqat Show

A Caller showed the real face of Geo news in a live show and insulted Geo News as well. This video is a slap on the face of GEO NEWs and other media channels that people of Pakistan are tired now due to the Hypocrisy of Pakistani media towards India. We salute to this man who showed the

Baba G Vs Train

Where most of the people of his age spend most of their time in warm beds taking tea , counting their breaths this old man here in this video is still pulling out daring stunts. One must wonder if he is mad or what but nevertheless still a great video and a must  watch and

Electric Shock Prank

Now that’s my friends how you troll your friends. They say a friend in need is a friend indeed see how those so called friends ran for their life after they saw this man caught by electric shock. That guy just pulled out the prank of the year. If you are going to do this

Pakistani Journalists Speaking Stupid English With Drunk German Officer

Pakistani Journalists Speaking Stupid English With Drunk German Officer. Watch This Video and Share it With Others

Parents Are Happy on The Decision of Providing Scooty to Their Children

Punjab gov announced that they are going to provide the scooty for females and the people of Punjab are happy with that. People of Punjab are supporting N League for this matter. Finally for the first time after election N League got the sympathy of their voters. Watch This Video and Share it With Others

Why Entire Pakistan Hates Malala – Video

This video is proof that why people of Pakistan Hates Malala. It is very clear that Malala is on the Agenda of CIA and RAW and Moosad and they just want to show the entire word that Pakistan is not a safe country for eductoin and Pakistan is a failed state and Pakistan is terrorist country. Watch