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Imran Khan VS Chief Justice of Pakistan – Opinion Poll

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf Imran Khan said that Chief Justice of Pakistan is equally responsible for rigging in National Elections 2013. On his statement Supreme Court of Pakistan has issued contempt of court notice to Imran Khan and asked him to present him self in front of court and give explanation about his statement. In Current Situation

2020 Technology

Has anybody of you ever wondered what the future would be like? The speed with with new inventions in technology are being made I am sure your hopes would be quite high. right? Watch this video and see your hoped shattered. Unbelievable technology ideas. Don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

Facebook Torture By Girl Friends Ha Ha Ha

This video is all about the torture of Girls on facebook for the boys. We must say that boys are just victim for this. This is a very funny video about the true love story of a boy and a girl over internet. Now a days it is very common and most of the boys

Fauzia Kasuri, Junaid Jamshed’s Khala & Doodh Shareek Bahan, Junaid Jamshed’s Khala & Doodh Shareek Bahan

This this very much interesting to know that Fauzia Kasuri, Junaid Jamshed’s Khala & Doodh Shareek Bahan. Fauzia Kasuri has spent a lot of time with Junaid Jamshed and she is one of the leading leader ofPakistan Tehreek e Insaf. In a live show it was mentioned that Fauzia Qasuri is one of the great lady

Pak China Friendship Zindabad Indian Shame

This video is proof that the friendship of Pakistan and China is above everything. India is jealous and it is very dangerous for India because India is not happy with that. Pakistani gov must build strong relations with China as China is the only country in the world right now who is having surplus money. Watch This Video and

Misbah Ul Haq mentioned in the US TV Series “The Newsroom”

You may not like king of tuk tuk aka Misbah-Ul-Haq but you have to accept that he is one of the most famous and popular cricket player in the world. We are sharing a clip from the US TV series “The NewsRoom” in which they have mentioned the name of Misbah Ul Haq and mentioned that he

A Pakistani Invented A Machine To Make Electricity

A Pakistani has made a machine that can produce electricity using magnetic power. Considering the energy crisis our country is facing it could be a huge invention. Hope he gets all the deserved credit for his invention. I wish more people in Pakistan could make such inventions which can be really helpful in our present situations. Must

Shehbaz Sharif Did Not Answer The Question about the MQM and PMLN Alliance

What kind Chied Minister he is. He is just a flop man and a shame Chif Minister of Punjab but he is just known as worst CHief Minister in the History of Pakistan. He does not care about the people of Pakistan. Watch This Video and Share With Others

Decline in PC Sales

Decline in PC Sales With the increase in popularity of smartphones and tablets it was clear that sales of personal computer (PC) will take a dip but nobody imagined the biggest decline in the history of personal computers. “In emerging markets, inexpensive tablets have become the first computing device for many people, who at best

Mers: New Deadly Virus in Saudi Arabia

Mers: New Deadly Virus in Saudi Arabia Saudi people who became a victim of Sars virus a few years back are now facing the wrath of another virus and ever more deadly Mers virus that has killed almost 50% of its victims but it according to Saudi ministers it is not likely to reach the