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Facebook Deletes This Video Everytime

This video has been deleted many times by Facebook. Why is that so. Why they are not interested to show the real face of Israel and America. Why they are just supporting Israel and America. is It Justice ? Illuminati and Freemasons are the part of Dajjal System and they are just supporting Dajjal and

This Video Will Surely Make You Cry

Mother is a true blessing of Allah and there is no replacement of Mother in this world. This video will surely make you cry. We are away from the teachings of Islam and Quran and that is why we are facing too many problems. Allah said that obey your mother. We must give respect to our

Dropped Your Phone Prank

Looking at the reaction of some of these people one can certainly assume that mobiles are really important to people nowadays . A man playing a prank by asking people to give their mobile phones to make a call and drop a dummy instead on the road. Look at the reaction pf people really funny. Share it

This Is So Stupid

LOL this is so stupid , what makes them think this is going to work. Their stupidity just cost them a television. What i am talking about here? watch this video yourself ans meet the most stupid people on planet earth. HAHAHA. They will not fail to make you feel proud of yourself because nobody

When You Are Sleeping And Your Mom Calls You

The moment when you are sleeping and your mom calls you to bring something from the market. How does that feel? LOL i am sure not great but still the reaction in this video is much exaggerated. When your mother calls your no matter what you have to listen to her and do what she

Facebook is Rocking in Pakistan

Facebook is rocking in Pakistan and helping to reduce the crime rate in Pakistan. One of the page on Facebook just published a leaked video of a a police officer while taking bribe from a local person. This is a positive sign of Facebook that Pakistani people are using. Watch This Video and Share it With Others

New Governor of Punjab Having Visky Business in London

This video is about to exposing the real face of Punjab Governor who is having a visky business in London. Shame of Gov and Nawaz SHarif. Watch This Video and Share

Shame on Amir Liaqut Shame

Amir Liaqut is one of the fake and worst Islamic Scholar we have ever seen in the Pakistan. He is doing an Islamic show on the name of Islam but doing some stupid things and working on JEW’s Agenda. Watch the Real Face of Amir Liaqut and Share it With Others

Fire And Water Love Story

I think i felt something while watching this video. Creativity at its best. The creator of this video shows us a love tale between fire and water. Unbelievably well done, You are bound to like it no matter who you are. Go see it yourself and don’t forget to share it with your friends as

A Beautiful Message

This is a beautiful message about the behavior of human being , we should learn from this message in this month of blessings