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Ha HA Ha HA Awesome Funny Video

This video is about the real face of fake beggars and this method should apply in Pakistan as well. Now a days due to heavy load of beggars in Pakistan people of Pakistan are much disturbed and these people are disturbing alot. Now beggars come to directly for asking money and other things. Gov is sleeping and

Real Face of Traitor Malala

WHo says Malala is innocent , she is just happy with money that she got after spoiling the name ofPakistan and Pakistani Army and ISI as well. Army must take some serious action against this traitor family. Watch This Video Share it With Others

OH Allah Pakistanis People Have No Respect We Just Need One Mobile Phone

We Pakistanis have no respect at all we just need a mobile phone and we are ready to do anything. What kind of people we are. A man named Amir Liaqut is just destroying the true image of Islam and we are happy with that. Why is that so . We have everything but why

Poor Sleep In Full Moon

Poor Sleep In Full Moon Scientists have linked poor sleep to full moon. According to a research people have complained about not going to sleep when the moon is full. Christian Cajochen, a sleep researcher at the Psychiatric Hospital of the University of Basel in Switzerland studied sleeping patterns in 33 different individuals and came

Teacher Throws A Duster At Student

Teacher throws a duster at student when he was busy teasing a girl and disturbing the whole class. The teacher just picked up a duster and throws a duster at him aiming or his nose and hitting him right there. Extremely funny video, i actually felt sorry for the boy but he got what he

Why Allah Does Not Listen to Our Prayers

This is a reality of Pakistani Nation that why Allah is not listening our prayers. We are eating Haram that is why Allah is not happy with us. We are away from the teaching of Islam . We are just running for money nothing else. Watch This Video and Share it With Others

What an Ad Canon Advertising

A parrot whistling along with a piano. Beautiful melody. One can only wonder how it can do it. Must watch and share

Meaningful Ad With Amazing Drawings

Have you ever seen drawing with water? Not water paints just water? No? then u should watch this video.  This video has an amazing message as well regarding dirty water which is the biggest killer of innocents and poor people all across the world.Must share this video so that there message could reach to millions of

Why Is Exercise Important

Why Is Exercise Important Why is exercise important? Why is it useful for our health? These are pretty common questions we already know the answers of but according to a new research exercise reduces stroke risk too. I bet you didn’t know that, worth knowing by the way. In a research by Reasons for Geographic

Flying Car Awesome Invention

Have you ever seen a flying car before? This invention will soon take over the world. What we see only in movies is going to become a reality. Awesome really awesome.  This invention can help us get over the traffic accidents and is surely amazing. Share it with your friends after watching let them have a