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Pakistan vs West Indies 2nd T20 Highlights – 2013

Pakistan vs West Indies 2nd T20 Highlights – 2013 Pakistan Won the series with 2-0 and Pakistan is now on 2nd position in T20 WOrld Ranking. All the players played very well specially Umar Akmal played Vital role in today’s match. Watch These Highlights and share it With Others Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Anti Just Blasted Amir Liaqut to Insulting Tahir Shah

Anti just blasted Amir Liaqut for insulting Tahir Shah and doing some kind of fake show in the month of Ramazan. This is a real case for Amir Liaqut that people of Pakistan are not happy with these things. Amir Liaqut is doing some kind of stupid show and he has no respect at all. His leaked

The Column Which is Written Against Amir Liaqut

Amir Liaqut was harsh on this column writtern by Ziaud din Butt. Amir Liaqut was not happy with this an dhe told about this column in his show that Ummat News paper is a just bloody man and he is just destroying the name of Geo News. I am here to give gifts to the poeple. People

Google Introduced Chrome Cast

Google Introduced Chrome Cast Google has moved into internet TV after its competitors Apple with a relatively cheaper device known as Chromecast. When connected to the HDMI port of your TV it can give unlimited streaming of websites like YouTube and Netflix and that too at a very low price. Google wasted no time in

The Painting Robot E-David

The Painting Robot E-David In the nearby future if you ever happen to be at an art gallery there is a slight chance the portraits and drawings exhibited there will have a strange name written at the bottom of the canvas that is “E-David”. BERLIN: Scientists in Berlin Germany have created a robot named E-David

Students Cheating Awesome Video

I feel really sorry for this teacher who is trying to catch these cheaters but they are so smart that the examiner fails every time. Watch this video and you can learn some tricks on how to cheat, everybody should know that LOL. Share it with your friends too so that they could know about

Funny Advertisement

Funny cold drink ad that shows a bunch of people in desert who are trying to find water but their every effort goes in vain. Yes its not something we should laugh at but this a damn funny video. See it yourself and share it with your friends too. let them have a laugh too.

Magnet Boy

Yes you read it right in this video u will see a magnet boy. A boy who can attract metallic objects towards as if his body has a magnetic field inside him. Really unbelievable too see a man boy doing it. There is only one explanation and this ALLAH ki Qudrat. Really you can’t explain

Kiwi Shoe Polish Tv Ad

The funniest advertisement i have ever come across. A man who stole shoes  at temples is blinded by the shine of shoes polished by kiwi shoes polish. HAHAHA that’s so funny . I bet u haven’t seen this ad before it will make you crack like a child. Do watch it and don’t forget to

5 Sixes in an Over By Thissara

This video is all about the Match Between Sri Lanka and South Africa where Thissara put 5 Sixes in a over and 1 four. This is an awesome video. Watch This Video and Share