Monthly Archive:: July 2013

How to Repair Any Fan in Pakistan

Pakistani police is the most corrupt police in the world and they are using their method which is called ” Desi Chitrol ” for repairing the fan. This is clearly showing the how Pakistani police treat the people ofPakistan as well the fan. Watch THis Video and Share it With Others

Watch Pakistani People To Whom You People Voted

Pakistani people are the most dumb people in this world who always used to elect the corrupt people from past 40 years and they are just destroying the image of Pakistan. Imran Khan asked them to vote for change but Pakistani Nation did not listen to him. This is the real face of our Politicians. Watch This Video

Oh My God Girls Destroyed The Life of Boys

This video is a reality about girls that how they just destroyed the life of boys. This is a real story of girls. Watch This Video and Share it With Others

10 Years of Geo News Against Pakistan and Army

The last 10 years of Geo News working against Pakistan and ISI. We dont need to forget the this traitor channel how GEO just blasted Pakistan. Geo is working with Times of India and trying to create an image of Pakistan as a terrorist country and trying to impose the culture of India in Pakistan. Watch This Video and

Enemies of Islam are Making Fun of Islam

Who are they ? are they Muslims. They are making fun of Islam. Islam is the solution for Humanity but these snakes are just destroying the image of Islam. I hope they are not Muslims they dont belong to Islam and they have nothing to do with Islam. They are the enemies of Islam and

Mathira discussing her Condom Add with Nida Yasir in a Live Show

This is very very bad and shame for Pakistani Media as Mathira discussing her Condom Add with Nida Yasir in a Live Show. Pakistani tratitor media is sold and one of the worst thing we have ever seen in Pakistan that is GEO and now others channels are following them. This is shame for Pakistani Media and Pakistan. Watch

Be Insulted and Get Reward from Amir Liaqut

Amir Liaqut a fake Islamic scholar just isulting people in a live show and giving them prize and people ofPakistan are much happy after insulting and they are ready to receive the gift. Pakistan Nation has lost the credibility already and now they are just destroying the image of Pakistan along this traitor Media. Shame on GEO

Junaid Saleem and Azizi Just Blasted Geo News

Finally after social media balsting on Geo News now Dunya News and Junaid Saleem is also blasting the Geo News and showing the real face of Geo News. This is a biggest success of Social Media and now it is clear that Pakistani electronic media is following social media and trend is going on as it is very common

Shame on Punjabi Police Shame

This is the real face of Punjabi Police. The police of the Punjab is the most corrupt and dishonest Police in the history of Pakistan. Pakistan nation is unfortunate nation to having such corrupt rulers in Punjab and due to these corrupt people we are having such dishonest and corrupt Police. Where is Chief Justice Ifitikhar

Mubasher Lucman Bowled Out Tahir Ashrafi Ha Ha Ha

This is very funny video about Tahir Ashrafi because Mubasher Lucman just bowled out this man with only one delivery. The people like Tahir Ashrafi not able to defend the situation like this. Watch This Program and Dont Forget to Share it With Others. This is just for fun. Watch Now