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Is This True Love

Let me ask you guys a question, what is true love. After watching this video i am sure u will change your opinion. This video is all about that don judge anyone very quickly. It needs time. Must watch and share it with your friends.This Video is all about making fun. Watch This Video and

Lion Wants to Eat That Baby

Thi video is about that how lion wants to eaat the baby. After watching this video people will think about the Pakistan Muslim League N because this party has a symbol of lion and lion is eating the meat of Pakistani people. Watch This Video and Share it with others

Man Robbed By a Squirrel

Man who was complaining about his food being stolen by somebody came to know the thief behind that was squirrel. Now this is clear that those who lives in a hostel they may understand that after watching this video who is going to eat their food. This is what they need to know. Funny video

Pakistani Nation Wants Paradise for Sending a Message – ANsar Abbasi Column

Ansar Abbasi has wrote a great column regarding Pakistani Society. Pakistani Nation looking for a Parasdise just sending an sms. We are away from Allah and Quran and that is why we are facing too many problems. Read Column

Best Way To Solve Energy Crisis

THis is one of the best way to resolve the energy crisis that we are facing. Why Nawaz Sharif and PMLN Gov is not taking this matter seriously they are just wasting the time of Pakistani nation. People ofPakistan voted for this party but they are not taking any issue seriously. This is the best way

Latest Gallup Poll : 61% of PTI voters want Imran Khan to be a friendly opposition for Nawaz Sharif.

Latest Gallup Poll : 61% of PTI voters want Imran Khan to be a friendly opposition for Nawaz Sharif.

Misbah ul Haq Said Lanat Hai Tere Ty to Umar Akmal

This is very funny video about Misbah ul Haq and he Said to Umar Akmal while taking running that . Lanat Hai tere par and he was quite angry on Umar Akmal. Watch This Video and SHare it With Others

Azizi Just Blasted Khadme Ala in a Funny Way

Azizi the famour comedian in Pakistan who is heading the show Hasb e Haal just washed away Shehbaz Sharif or Khadm e Ala in a funny way. Khadm e Ala is the CHief Minister of Punjab but he is just making fun of the people of Punjab. He is just wasting the taxes money of the people on

The Biggest Shirk in Pakistan Astagfirullah

This video is the real face of Pakistani Nation. People mostly criticize us for showing these type of videos but I want to tell them onething that why you people cant stop these these things. Pakistan is one of the worst Muslim nation where Shrik is on its peak. This is the shame for Pakistani Nation. May

Small Toy Car Pulling a Big Car

A small car pulls a big land cruiser, unbelievable power. It looks like that science has progressed alot because a small toy can easily move the big truck with the power stored in the bettary. This is an amazing video and this video is giving you a new idea. Watch this video and share