Monthly Archive:: July 2013

New Measures to Prevent Mobile Theft

Worldwide efforts to curb mobile thefts are taking place and the US cities New York and San Francisco are to test new initiatives regarding this matter in a campaign called “Secure our Smartphones.” New measures to prevent mobile theft will be tested on iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 by the authorities. These tests are there

Paypal Makes a Man Quadrillionaire By Mistak

    Paypal Makes a Man Quadrillionaire By Mistake Pennsylvania resident, 56, Chris Reynolds isn’t actually the world’s richest person, but for a few hours last week it looked as if he might be after he received a mail from his PayPal account saying he has $92,233,720,368,547,800 in his account. This mind boggling 14-digit was transferred

Cutest Kid Scores a Goal

Everybody in the stadium cheers this kid up while he scores a goal and then celebrates in a funny way. In this video you can see that how a small and lovely kid is enjoying playing football.This video gives you a pleasure. Must watch and share

What An Incredible Idea To Save Fuel

The Korean gov introduced an incredible idea to save fuel. The world is progressing day by day but here in Pakistan we are facing too many problems. Due to heavy usage to fuel it is going to be expensive day by day and that is why this type of setup if taken by the gov. If everyone will work

These Are Our Real Heroes

Pakistan Army and ISI is one of the most awesome organization is this world. Pak Army is always ready for sacrifice and we need to understand that when these people are fighting for us then we live a peaceful life. Pakistani Media is just destroying the fame of Army and ISI . ISI and Army are the true

Making Homeless People Smile

In a world full of sadness, these people are taking out their times to make homeless people smile. This is the real purpose of our life to spend for others work for others and get reward from Allah. Do you have enough time for others? We are living in a world where everything is so fast. Time

A Man With No Hands Playing Guitar

Extremely inspirational video. All of us cry all the time and complaint to God for not getting enough. Just watch this video, u are bound to realize that a man can achieve anything no matter how less he gets. According to Steve Jobs one must use its talent before leave this world. Watch This Video and

Zaid Hamid and Tahir Ashrafi Face to Face Program Kharra Sach

Mubasher Lucman provided the oppurtunity to Zaid Hamid and Tahir Ashrafi for a hot debate. Now it is clear that Zaid Hamid is a pure Muslim and no one acccuse him anymore. THis Program is a symbol of Justice. Mubasher Lucman is one of the top leading anchor in Pakistan who just provided the oppurtunity to the

IF Someone Declared Yousaf as Kazzab I would Say Him Kazzab

Zaid Hamid Once again blasted Safma and Indian agents . This is a proof that Zaid Hamid never defeneded Yousaf. Watch This Video

Real Face of Hamid Mir Exposed Again

This Video is showing you the real face of Hamid Mir and how he just worked against Pakistan and Pakistani Nation. Hamid Mir is known as Mir Jafar of Pakistan and his stance on Islam is very disturbing. Watch This Video and Share it With Others