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Students Refused to Accept PTA Ban on Mobile Packages

Students Refused to Accept PTA Ban on Mobile Packages Students especially female students refused to accept PTA ban on mobile packages. They said that through mobile packages they can discuss their study matters with other students very cheaply But on the other side many students are happy with the decision that now they can fully

Waqar Zaka is Blasting on Facebook Users

Waqar Zaka is blasting on Facebook Users and showing that these people are just waiting their time by Using Facebook. Watch This Video and Share it With Others

Aleem Dar doesn’t use ‘Shahadat’ finger when giving out

Aleem Dar is one of the most fascinating Umpire we have ever seen. This man is a true blessing of Allah . This Man just raised the name of Pakistan and still working for Pakistan. He won three awards but after that due to Monopoly of ICC he did not get further awards. Watch This

A Women Stopped Her Daughter Marriage

What kind of people we are . I think we need 10000 Years to become a civilized nation. Shame on Pakistani people for doing this stupid Thing. Watch This Video and Share

Watch It Again And Again

If i would have counted the number of times i watched this video i would have been closer to infinity by now i guess. LOL just kidding. But seriously how did he do this. Extremely brilliantly edited. One of the bets vines i have seen. I would encourage you guys to make your vines too

Delicious Food Ever

Damn, what a dish! Wow! This dish is extremely awesome! Watch the world’s most amazing and delicious dish! Well you can also call it the most dangerous dish upti now. Lol! Everything from glass to plastic from dices to grenades and from bulbs to a lot more is included in the dish. A very cool

Azizi as New Dulhy Raja

Azizi is Just showing an amazing episode of Hasb e Haal and became the New Dulhy Raja. Azizi is one of the msot amazing Tv actor you have ever seen. Sohail Ahmad ( Azizi) is most rated tv actor we have ever seen. Watch This Video and Share.

Grandmother Beating Robbers

Grandmother beating robbers. Yes you read it right my friends. Nowadays kids are so busy in filming the video they forget about helping others. In fact if somebody is dying on the road everybody will take out his camera and start filming. Well this grandmother is an example for all these kids. She takes on

Azizi is Telling Unethical Contact and its Effect on our Society

Pakistan is one of those countries who have largest number of internet users. But beside this there are many issues and one of them is the searching of adult content. According to Google Trands Pakistan was on top of those countries who search for adult content on Google. Azizi in his recent program Hasb-e-Haal talked

Destroying Friend’s Car

LOL he sure as hell hates his friends. I mean who in this whole world would destroy his friends car by pouring a tank full of cement in it. HAHAHA that’s too harsh by any standards. But i am sure his friend must have done something real bad to get this response from him. Must