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This is How Pakistani Media is Destroying us

This is how Pakistani media is destroying the youth of Pakistan.pakistani media is injecting in the minds of girls and boys to remain in Love and stay away from Islam Quran and other things. We need to boycott Pakistani Media and hang these people. Pakistani Media is purely funded by USA and Israel and they are

Sheikh Rasheed is Making Fun of Nawaz Sharif

Sheikh Rasheed is the most favourite person of Pakistani people. He is just making fun of Nawaz Sharif in a live show. Sheikh Rasheed is the best at the moment. Even Imran Khan is far behind now a days. Sheikh Rasheed is leading at the moment on the TV screen. Watch This Video and Share

Cricket Player Hits a Pigeon

Very sad incident happened in the history of Cricket. The fielder was trying to send throw the ball but accidently that ball was hit to a pigeon. The crowed was shouting loudly after this incident. We have seen so many incidents like this in other games but in the Cricket that was a rare case.

Shame on Pakistani Politicians

I think Pakistani people are responsible for everything happening in pakistan because they have elected these type of rulers in Pakistan. Watch This Video and Share

Dhoni’s Beard is White Due to Pressure – Shoaib Akhter

Dhoni is one of the best player in the world as he is always takes lead from the front. He is working hard for his team and he always great innings to win the matches. Shoaib Akhter is quite impressed from Dhoni as he said he is the top class quality player we have ever seen in

Most Funny Catch Dropped in Cricket By Mike Hussy

This is one of the most amazing video about the dropping easy catch in the history of Cricket. The match was playing between Australia and South Africa and Mike Hussy just dropped the easiest catch in a very funny way. Hahhaha Mike Hussy is one of the best fielder in Australian Cricket side. Watch This

Man claims to have unlocked iPhone 5S using his nipple

Man claims to have unlocked iPhone 5S using his nipple A man reportedly used his nipple to unlock the iPhone 5S (Picture: YouTube)Following the security breaches reported on the new iPhone 5S since its release, it now seems as if there is another unintended way of accessing the phone – via a human nipple. A man has

Tracker System Wale Qurbani ke Janwar

Tracker System Wale Qurbani ke Janwar Tracker System Wale Qurbani ke Janwar

Pakistani Doctors Declared Dead to Alive Person

Oh My God what kind of society it is, Pakistani doctors are failed to give proper answer. Pakistani doctors declared dead that the man who was injured in the Peshawar blast was brought into hospital for the treatment but he was still alive at that time. Watch This Video and Share

Pakistan Got Talent Fastest Typing Speed

pakistan Got talent we are much happy to see the talent of Pakistani people. This guy is typing very fast and it looks like that this man just rocking because he is using only one hand for typing and he is showing his skills to everyone. Watch This Video and Share