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Top 10 Worst Airplane Crashes in History of Aviation

We see many accidents in our daily life but some of them leave a dark impact in our memory. There is a huge difference between the car accidents or plane accidents and the numbers of casualties are also high in air accidents. Here’s a video that shows top 10 worst airplane crashes in the history

Superb Lollypop Talent – Amazing

his one is the most amazing and different talent ever seen on earth. This man has an awesome ability of making picture on lollypop. He simply chewed the lollypop in his mouth for few seconds and when it comes out you’ll see a guy face shape of the lollypop. Well this man deserves his name

World Largest Human Slinky

Slinky is spring type toy invented by Richard James. This is normally used to perform some tricks due to its extension ability i.e traveling down a flight of steps end-over-end as it stretches and re-forms itself with the aid of gravity and its own momentum. Watch this amazing talent, i bet you may have never

Pakistani Police Crack Down Against Beggars

This is what Pakistani Police can do . They just destroyed everything on the roads. They are doing crack down against beggars and what happened next ? Watch This Video

We Shall Rob and Pay The Bills

Pakistani Nation is quite harsh on Nawaz Sharif and PMLN for increasing the rates of electricity. People of pakistan said they are not happy with the performance of Nawaz Sharif specially Cheif Minister of Punjan. Everyone is sleeping here. Watch This Video and Share

Top Ten Own Goals

This video consists of Top Ten Owen Goal which means a team has done goal against his own. I must say this is quite funny and this would be a funny moment for everyone as well. If you are a lover of soccer then you gonna enjoy this video very much. Watch This Video and