No More Ads on Geo News

No More Ads on Geo News




I checked today on Geo News that the only Ads being played are from USAID. The rest of the advertisement time is being used up by Mr. Jeem’s whining.

It is surprising to see that right before headlines also, it is Mr. Jeem’s whining only. Slot before headlines is the most prized one.

Have the companies stopped their Ads on Geo News or is it their own decision?

Also, if anyone also can correct me that their are other Ads running also that I have missed since I am not watching Geo much nowadays.

Policy Disclaimer: I am not against banning of Geo. The remote control is in my hands and I should be able enough to take my own decision on what I want to watch. But, it is obvious to me that Geo is a biased channel and so are others. This is a normal practice to side with a political party by a media house. In US also, Fox news is known as a Republican channel.