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N League Supporter Just Blasted N League in a Live Show

This is very shcoking video for N league and NAwaz Sharif that how PMLN own party workers are against Nawaz Sharif This is a shame for N League and Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif joined hands with the killer and terrorist party MQM and Altaf Hussain. Watch This Video and Share it With Others

Junaid Saleem and Azizi Just Blasted Geo News

Finally after social media balsting on Geo News now Dunya News and Junaid Saleem is also blasting the Geo News and showing the real face of Geo News. This is a biggest success of Social Media and now it is clear that Pakistani electronic media is following social media and trend is going on as it is very common

Mubasher Lucman Bowled Out Tahir Ashrafi Ha Ha Ha

This is very funny video about Tahir Ashrafi because Mubasher Lucman just bowled out this man with only one delivery. The people like Tahir Ashrafi not able to defend the situation like this. Watch This Program and Dont Forget to Share it With Others. This is just for fun. Watch Now

Azizi Just Blasted Khadme Ala in a Funny Way

Azizi the famour comedian in Pakistan who is heading the show Hasb e Haal just washed away Shehbaz Sharif or Khadm e Ala in a funny way. Khadm e Ala is the CHief Minister of Punjab but he is just making fun of the people of Punjab. He is just wasting the taxes money of the people on

Zaid Hamid and Tahir Ashrafi Face to Face Program Kharra Sach

Mubasher Lucman provided the oppurtunity to Zaid Hamid and Tahir Ashrafi for a hot debate. Now it is clear that Zaid Hamid is a pure Muslim and no one acccuse him anymore. THis Program is a symbol of Justice. Mubasher Lucman is one of the top leading anchor in Pakistan who just provided the oppurtunity to the

IF Someone Declared Yousaf as Kazzab I would Say Him Kazzab

Zaid Hamid Once again blasted Safma and Indian agents . This is a proof that Zaid Hamid never defeneded Yousaf. Watch This Video

Real Face of Hamid Mir Exposed Again

This Video is showing you the real face of Hamid Mir and how he just worked against Pakistan and Pakistani Nation. Hamid Mir is known as Mir Jafar of Pakistan and his stance on Islam is very disturbing. Watch This Video and Share it With Others

Pakistan is Near To be Finished Hamid Mir

Once Again this video is about Mir Jafar of Pakistan named Hamid Mir is telling us that Pakistan is gonna be finished very soon. I think it is the time for Army and ISI to hang this man. THis man is a real Gaddar of Pakistan. Watch THis Video and share it with others

Why Geo is Against Zaid Hamid Watch The Secret

This video is a proof that GEO is a traitor channel and working against Pakistan. When GEO was brain washing this man Zaid Hamid was giving a new hope to Pakistani Youth and then he just blasted GeoNews and expose the real face of GEO NEWS. GEO is still working against Pakistan. Watch THis VIdeo and share

Saree Aam Exposed The Poison in The Food

This is One of Best Effort From Saree Aam We Have Ever Seen. Must Watch and Share This Clip