Where is Cyber Crime Bill, Ms Anousha Rehman?

It was March 17th when the IT Minister Anousha Rehman announced in Capital Talk that the government will lay the Cyber Crime Bill in the National Assembly next week but since then there has been no step taken in this regard.

During the show, the minister herself admitted that this is a very vital matter with respect to the national security and the National Action Plan (NAP) but we are still waiting to see this happening. The crux of the show was to inform the masses about the emerging threats and changing nature of crimes taking place in cyber world.

The Social Media, which has become an alternative medium among the masses to express themselves and at the same that it has also provided a platform for hate speech and all sort of misinformation.

The PML-N government despite being at the helm of affairs for nearly two years has failed to resolve the issue of Youtube, which was banned by the PPP regime in the wake of a blasphemous video way back in September 2012.

A noted journalist and editor www.dawn.com, Jahanzaib Haque correctly said that it was all about will and not blasphemous content or technical hurdles that is stopping the government from reopening the video sharing website.

It is pertinent to mention here that after the attack on Peshawar School, the government devised the 20-point NAP which along with other anti-terror steps put emphasis on curbing the use of cyber space by the militants and anti-social elements.

The media was cautioned from “glorifying the views of terrorists and terrorist organizations” and appropriate steps were to be taken to “stop the spread of terrorism on the Internet and social media”. The ministry is yet to take concrete steps on this front. The implementation part of cyber laws is another cumbersome issue and one can hope that the bill is laid and passed in the Parliament sooner than later so that culprits are brought to the justice.