GEO gets some help from BBC Urdu

GEO gets some help from BBC Urdu

Listen to the BBC correspondent speaking to Mubashir Luqman. Notice the tone of questions and specially how she interrupts him almost every time till he gets frustrated.

Now listen to the same BBC correspondent speaking to Imran Aslam from GEO. Notice that she does not interrupt him even once during the whole interview.

Notice her two ‘masoomana’ sawalat!

“Imran Sahib, to yeh aik orchestrated sa kyon lag raha hai?”

“To yeh to zara i iblagh, siyasi aur mazhabi halqon kay darmiyan aik tanazah hai, is mein riyasti idaron ka bhi koi kirdar hai?”

پہلے برطانیہ کی حکومت، اور پھر ان کے ادارے سے مدد لے کر جیو