Since the start of the operation in Karachi we have witnessed a decrease in over all rate of crime, be it kidnap for ransom, target killing or street crimes like mobile snatching, car snatching or bank robberies etc etc..

Sadly what has not stopped is “heavy handedness of police and other LEAs”, there have been numerous reports of abductions of individuals from MQM who have been tortured and then released on payment of heavy bribes ….

people from lower class and lower middle class who have been caught and then released after paying 4-5 lac rupees, not all are innocent but this alarming situation has given Urdu speaking folks no recourse but to align themselves with MQM.

Reality is that not only MQM, ANP, PPP and Suni Tehrik all have criminal elements but there are just as big criminals in LEA especially the police.

The present Gov is in no mood to make Police an independent and functioning entity whereby rangers is forced to fill the void but its effectiveness on long term basis remains questionable since with out proper judicial and investigative elements there can be no justice. And in the long run such operations tend to leave a legacy of ethic bias on which MQM like parties feed and strengthen their support in the society.

The media is also giving more time to MQM and Uzair Balauch and others have been totally ignored making it a one-sided campaign against just a single MQM again this will harm the Karachi operation more and strengthen and rejuvenate the ethnic divide in Karachi.

What also is alarming is that the black economy which is very much entrenched in Karachi has not been curbed, billions of rupees and commodities exchange hands every single day without record and some of it goes to the criminals who can sustain their nefarious operations with new recruits and weapons ….

What is sorely needed is a mechanism where the money inflow to all criminal elements is curbed to such an extent that they are crippled financially to remain active, this requires some legislation but the corner stone to an effective and long term strategy will always be an effective and independent police and judiciary the two things our present Gov is most averse to!!!

Without social justice the mindset of a blind MQM supporter can not be changed to such a person all the crimes being committed by MQM are kosher for they are under threat from all over, the media the LEAs and the rest of Pakistan !
If Karachi is given an effective city government, an independent Police like Islamabad Police and a functional and impartial judiciary this monster of terror will gradually become a nightmare of the past ………

If the common man is given justice by courts and protection by the police all parties with mafia’s in them will become irrelevant …