This Thread is a discussion on what are the chances of Imran Khan’s success in the next coming elections of Pakistan. Would he succeed ? would he increase his vote bank or …turn out to be a failure?

Let us discuss different Scenarios

Scenario 1 :

He revives and retains his vote bank in KPK and wins atleast 40 percent of the votes in Punjab. With a clear majority in one Province and the biggest opposition in Punjab, he would be in a strong position to form a minority government and become the future PM of Pakistan. A dream come true for PTI supporters !

Scenario 2

A political Blunder or a scandal surfaces and Imran loses his vote bank in conservative KPK. Reham Khan has the potential of becoming a liability for Imran khan. Imran’s opponent might use Reham’s previous life scandals as weapon against Imran Khan. The province of KPK is highly traditional and conservative and there is a great threat that such scandals would impact his vote bank in a negative way.