Pervaiz Rasheed is a bogus man should mean he is untrustworthy; he is a liar; he is deceitful; he is is cheat; he talks silly; he tells silly jokes and he is a dishonest.

A bogus vote is a ballot paper that was cast into a ballot box with an intent to deceive and manipulate the result in favour of a candidate by interfering, tampering, miscounting, over counting and deliberately abandoning legal procedures of verifying authenticity and honesty of a vote.

Pervaiz Rasheed is a bogus man and is surrounded by bogus team of bogus people who are trying to prove that falsehood is right and his every lie is the truth. He is internationally condemned as the biggest liar, tout and a shoe shining boy of Nawaz Shariff.

Pervaiz Rasheed has become a shame and disgrace on Pakistan’s image abroad. The man is a scum bag. Except for Mr Rasheed and his bogus PML-N team of bogus colleagues and his sheep brain parliamentarian friends and silly supporters, the rest of the world understands meaning of a bogus vote.