Yesterday I drove nearby some of the largest schools of Islamabad , I was shocked that despite the Peshawar school massacre there were no meaningful security m, easures . We have seen from previous terrorist attacks that they use car bombs in cheap cars, they enter usually in earlier part of day and worst case scenarios are those where they are able to move from block to block . They do make sure that they do have a suicide bomber in major attacks so that first it looks Purely Taliban and secondly brave individuals do not intercept .

It is therefore important that largest schools of Islamabad do not allow motorcycles and cars to park too near school walls or boundary gates to avoid explosions , next to block any entry of terrorists and to disallow them easy mobility within building if they enter some watch tower like thing or at least presence of guards on roof be assured . The barbed wires and high walls do help but in small measure only as terrorists are like our commandoes .Islamabad police has excused itself from protecting private schools and ordering close circuit cameras are a help if there is someone on school to spot and react .

Then we need expert guards like former army men , I have often sent that even reputable security agencies have guards who are young and have no training and will most certainly run away , they are recruited on the basis merely that they have a uncle in security agencies . Parents Teachers committees should be allowed to recruit guards and state must help in costs as private school fees include state tax .

I inspected the Lahore Grammar school, the Park Turk , The beacon house and city school and found that improvement is needed as kavhi abadis and ravines are nearby for attackers to hide .

Coming to large schools on Margalla and Nazimuddin Roads the situation is similar and security here depends on good traffic management and high walls and watch towers , all inadequate considering the level of threat .

Islamabad police needs to open a schools and colleges security division headed by a SSP or atleast a colonel . Its persons should be taken from retired army persons of stable temperament and good moral repute .

Currently it is wise for Nawaz government not to let schools open in capital till security measures are in place ,besides only 50% attendance currently does not speak of optimism .

Already the usual media appreciation hungry senior police officers of Islamabad have started so called security awareness moves , all this cannot work as we cannot arm youngsters themselves ,we have to bring seasoned and professional security , we have largest foreign agencies and their local collaborators in our own agencies allied with wild elements to battle with .