MODEL TOWN Power: They Killed and still kiling Pakistanis but no one can dare take them to court. No one can dare Kill them.

BLIND People Power: They do baton charge openly on Blind people in front of CAMERAS but they go away with this.

SCHOOL Kids Power: They injured our sons in Baton charge on 8 to 9 years old boys and we as a nation quite.

Protocols Power: They use our tax monies like they baap ka maal on their security and luxuries and we are quite.

Corruption Power: They do open corruption and no one can touch them.

Rascals Ministers: They own shameless, murderers, looters, corrupt, incapable and liars ministers and make fun of us but we are criminally silent. e.g abid shur ali, Rana Sana, Rana Mashood , mushaid, kh saad rafiq etc

Family Positions: They give any position to any family member and we as a nation are silent.

The longer we keep silent the bigger sacrifice we have to pay. Now or Never.

Imran Khan was option and hope but same kind of people (mentioned above )got posts in PTI and damaged IK struggle.

Why can’t we as a nation rise against this tyranny and youth of this Pakistan can crush this mafia. We can still chose Imran Khan as a leader after kicking away filthy people surrounding him and punish all corrupt PTI member and KP govt MPAs.

No personal attacks will be tolerated instead you can give positive feed back to SAVE THIS COUNTRY.