PPP was buried alive deep into a massive grave in Sindh today and its funeral rites were performed in Larkana today by Imran Khan. PPP should be considered as dead and buried for ever as people of Larkana and Sindh said with a loud and assertive voice that they do not Zardari & family to forcefully take over the PPP that was until the death of Benazir Bhutto belonged to Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto. Asif Ali Zardari and his corrupt, embezzling, looting and lying cronies have hijacked the party that represented wishes not only of Sindhis but every Pakistani.

Mr Asif Ali Zardari is one of the most notorious and defamed politicians in the history of Pakistan and during the life time of his deceased wife was deliberately kept thousands of miles away from her purely for the reason that his mere presence near her harmed her and PPP but soon after her unfortunate assassination, he emerged her legal heir and claimed the throne showing a will (waseat) that no one even her nearest relatives, friends and party members have ever heard about and doubted its authenticity. Every body in Pakistan has heard and knows about Mr Asif Ali Zardari’s criminal and dubious past and therefore it was not beyond him to manipulate the control of PPP and dominate it. By every hook and crook, he became the president of Pakistan with active connivance and help of his crook, gangster friend, Nawaz Shariff who headed PML-N as its mafia don.

The mutual understanding and agreement (muk muka) between these two notorious embezzlers and looters that they would rule Pakistan in turns was shattered in 2013 general election as the massive vote rigging and manipulation was exposed that resulted in Nawaz Shariff claiming victory for his party at 11 PM on 13 MAY 2013 when ballot boxes were still emptied and vote-count through the country not finished. But, Imran Khan disputed the outcome of the general election and challenged the results and is still doing it by his public dharna at Islamabad and organizing massive jalsas (public gatherings) attracting hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis who want to see the end of these two notorious crooks, criminals, thugs and embezzlers ruling the country in turns.

Today, the majority of Sindhis gave their verdict with a unified voice at Larkana and buried once for all PPP political future that has now become the party of Zardaris’ and not of Bhuttos’.