So here is Imran Khan provoking violence hate speeches what a happy moment for him as Army says YES to him after BOOT POLISHING and licking behind the scenes and Backdoor encouragement form Musharraf and retired Generals to create this what we see today. PTI is finished!! a label will never wear off for the rest of the time and history in making that these two Jokers TUQ and IK paved the way for Army to step in political matters!! What a shameful day for Pakistan. PTI and PAT attacked the parliament attached the presidency, tried to take over PM house and finally Taken over PTV building what a History in making PAT+PTI fascists , Army backed clowns. They have one thing in common both collect CHANDAA from the entire planet and were best buddies of Nawaz Sharif. What co incidence.

Imran voted in Musharraf Referendum and supported him so history is back to square one. He will face the worst political consequences sooner or later.
We as Common Pakistanis now understand that he is become a King of PTI , his crude reaction to Javed Hashmi and other MNA’s to be shunted out like garbage bags, a king in making PTI Banna Galla his Kingdom,so obvious.

He is not just taking revenge from Nawaz Sharif but with the core of Pakistan and Democracy on the whole, look around the world you will find non in recent history that a democratic political leader has done so much damage to the Country and Parliament and democratic institutions including Supreme Court of Pakistan.

We as Pakistanis denounce Army statement “Resolve the matter without wasting time”. Politics is not war game or assault, its slow spinning wheel and a dirty business, 32 years of Army rules has been the dirtiest of all in Pakistan history without a doubt.

We love our Army as they are fighting a war of survival for Pakistan, but will never accept any Role at all in the affairs of Politics NEVER NEVER again.

The whole Nation is depressed that these MOBS of 12,000 Danada Bardar and their Power Beggers and power hungry Leaders could take hostage Inslamnabd and trying to toplle an elected goventment , a Nuclear power, and army cannot see what that is. but we are WATCHING it from all angles.