People have started talking on it. I have mentioned this as well in one of my threads: 
My respect to (late) Nazia Hassan, but we want to bring her torturer to Law authorities and to the justice. PkRevolution

Happy Birthday Nazia! You’re alive! [@Number10go @metpoliceuk @OfficialMqm] Today is the birthday of South Asia’s first pop-star Nazia Hassan (1965-2000). The b…est way to pay tribute to our national hero is to bring her ‘tormentor’ — MQM London-based chief Altaf Hussain — to justice, who ‘contributed’ a great deal in her physical death, but couldn’t kill her spirit to fight back artistically!

Today, The Terrorland wants to request the British government, especially the Scotland Yard, to register a case against Altaf Hussain regarding the alleged rape of the later singer and many other women in Pakistan and United Kingdom. Those victims who are still alive are silent due to the ‘global’ terror of the MQM, which gives the impression that, not only ISI, British spy agencies, M5 and M6, are also patronizing Altaf Hussain in his crimes against humanity.

Years ago, when Nazia Hasan was alive and Altaf Hussain was still in Pakistan, the kidnapping and rape of the late singer (by the MQM leader) was talk of the country, but even then no media house reported it due to the terror of Altaf Hussain, who had started torturing and killing of the Urdu-speaking intellectuals and artists in a systematic way to take control of Pakistan’s financial capital Karachi.

Fortunately, after the social media revolution in Pakistan, now people have started talking on this taboo subject gradually… but the risks are there as the MQM and ISI are monitoring everything and often make target those who speak their mind or tell the bitter truth in our militarized society.

A website writes: “Mutahidda, Qoumi Movement’s (MQM) founder, patron in chief, and Pakistan-born British neutralised citizen, Altaf Hussain, a man who runs Karachi from London, is a very colourful personality. All these colours are somehow visible in his life at various stages, through his actions and desires. He always poses himself as a champion of women’s right and the only shoulder of Karachi & Hyderabad residents, especially female muhajir population, in the hour of need by writing pamphlets or letters to MaoN or BehnoN (mothers & sisters) time to time!

“After 1988 elections, when MQM broke away from Benazir-led govt in Sind, his strike calls in Karachi to paralyse govt functionary and letters to female elders became famous. In which he as asked the Karachi female population to force their males to give up VCRs purchases and buy Kalashnikovs. On many occasions he has asked to donate ornaments to MQM being serving a noble cause for Muhajir community!

“Some of his colours became more visible – when he started conducting ladies interviews to select some of them for MQM in house ‘party’ works. Allah knows the motive behind such females interviews but weekly Takbeer of Karachi had publish many of such girls stories revealing immoral behaviour of MQM and Altaf Hussain. His campaign against smoking later reveal that he wasn’t getting enough from Pakistan Tobacco Company, who had factory in outskirts of Karachi, later shifted to Jhelum upon high demands from MQM.

“His body-guard Shoaib or shobby’s mysterious murder has provoked serious talks in Karachi about his immoral desire to connect himself with popular singer, late Nazia Hassan.” [For full report see link at the end of this report]

Another writes: “Altaf Hussain started taking over the Karachi underworld. During the same time many Urdu speaking (Muhajir) families started accusing Altaf Hussain for raping their family members. One of the most famous cases was the rape of Nazia Hassan. Some of the families openly avowed to kill him. On December 21, 1991 Altaf was attacked but he escaped injuries. It is suspected that this incident was either related to one of the rapes or the underworld. But it shook Altaf’s confidence.

“On January 1, 1992, faced with criminal charges, imprisonment and death threats from other gangs/criminals of Karachi underworld Altaf Hussain fled the country on the pretext for kidney treatment and never returned. He landed at Saudi Arabia and after one month moved to London – being promised a safe-heaven there.

“Altaf Hussain did nothing for the safety of his relatives, leaving them behind helpless and the enemies he had created took revenge upon them. His brother and nephew were killed in cold blood. After the Police operation in 1992 in Karachi, when many of Altaf Bhai’s followers (ABSCONDERS) had been treated with justice (killed) as they were wanted as seriel targeted killers of innocent citizens. Altaf Hussain was given assylum by the UK Government.”